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Hostile Environment Close Protection Operator (HECPO) Training

Effective Training Built On Real World Experience for High-Risk Close Protection Operations
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Effective and operationally-proven in high-threat environments, this specialist training is designed to fully prepare your Close Protection Teams to achieve a high degree of operational functionality and operational capability. The HECPO Training Course focuses on key subject areas vital to maintaining an effective protective effort, affording the Client a real sense of personal security, safety and confidence in your ability to afford them protection.
  • About the Hostile Environment Close Protection Operator (HECPO) Training Course

    When operating within the capacity of high-threat, close protection within hostile, or austere environments, the HECPO [Operator] is expected to function at the highest level of capability and professionalism. These Operators often work in small teams, fully dependent on one another to ensure an effective protective effort is afforded the Client. Hostile Environment Close Protection Operator [HECPO] Courses are designed for qualified Close Protection Operators who are tasked with providing Close Protection Services where the use of firearms is highly likely.

    Our HECPO Operator course consists of drills, tactics and operational necessities that have been perfected in real-life high-threat environments such as Iraq, Afghanistan, and parts of SE Asia. Our aim is to ensure that HECPO Team Members are fully prepared to face the dangers of operating.

    Why Choose SPG for Your HECPO Course

    Special Projects Group HECPO Courses are five days in duration [this can be extended], instructing on key subject matter such as the Tactical Use of Firearms, Security Escort Teams, Route Security, Residential Security Teams [RST], Counter-Attack Teams [CAT], and Security Advance Parties [SAP]. Courses are instructed by proven HECPO Operators / Instructors, with years of actual operational experience in various threat-level environments including Iraq, Afghanistan, SE Asia, and hail from Elite UK & US Military and Private Military backgrounds.

    Who Is This Course Aimed At?

    The HECPO Course is aimed at operators within the Military or Security Sector who will be providing Close Protection Services to personnel in austere or high-threat environments. Those attending the HECPO Course should already be qualified as Close Protection Operatives, having attended and passed the SIA Close Protection Course, or have fulfilled similar duties within a Military environment.

    Available Course Dates: COMING SOON

    HECPO Training Course dates will be made available at the end of April 2024. SPG are currently relocating this training to new facilities. If in the meantime you wish to make any enquiries, please email us at [email protected] and one of our team will contact you.

  • HECPO Course Subjects

    Subjects covered within our HECPO Course include, but are not limited to the following:
    • HECPO Team Escort Drills
    • Secondary Weapon Systems
    • Primary Weapon Systems
    • Residential Security [High-Threat Environments]
    • Site Security Surveys
    • Threat & Risk Assessments
    • Route Selection & Planning
    • Security Escort Team (SET)
    • Counter-Attack Team [CAT]
    • Security Advance Party [SAP] Team
    • Venue Security Team [VST]
    • IED Awareness
    • Surviving an Ambush
    • Surveillance, Anti-Surveillance & Counter- Surveillance
    • HECPO Communications
    • Advanced Search & Restraint Training
    • Managing the Protective Effort
    • Operational Planning & Management