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Special Projects Group Delivers NVC Presentation

Gary Simpson, SPG Director of Training steps up and delivers a last-minute presentation on NVC at The Security Event, NEC Birmingham

SPG Deliver Non-Verbal Communications Presentation 

Special Projects Group Directors Gaz Simpson and I [Steve Richards] attended The Security Event at the NEC Birmingham this week [25th April to 27th April 2023] to meet with potential Strategic Partners, and resource suppliers of security-related technologies. That was the primary reason for attending, and was all we were expecting, until this happened … On learning that a key speaker who was lined up to deliver a talk on Non-Verbal Communication [NVC] hadn’t showed up, Gaz [our very own NVC Expert] very kindly volunteered his services to ensure an uninterrupted delivery of presentations to the guests attending.

So, having raced to the car park to recover his laptop, and with me providing him with Starbucks’ finest coffee and ham and cheese toastie, Gaz threw together a reasonable PowerPoint Presentation in the 30 minute window we had available. As we say … “No cuff too tough”, and Gaz was then ready to present to an audience who turned up to hear all about NVC / Body Language [in a security environment] and being able to map out the human landscape and understand the biometric, environmental, nonverbal and body language cues that can indicate potential threats should be a tool in every operatives arsenal.

Needless to say, it went down a storm. After a brief introduction to ‘Gaz’, and how he was introduced to NVC whilst on Ops in Afghanistan with Special Forces Support Group [SFSG], Gaz then proceeded to deliver a reasonable presentation considering the extremely tight timeframe he had to put together the PowerPoint.

After the presentation, Gaz was them bombarded with questions from the audience, and answered them to everyone’s full satisfaction, not once failing to fully explain his responses. The organisers were so impressed with the delivery that we have now been invited to he International Security Expo in September to deliver a [more polished version] to major attendees and organisations there.

Hoofing effort Gaz … Well done!!!

Author: Steve Richards, Director of Operations, Special Projects Group

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