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Advanced Search Procedures (ASP) Training Package

Search Procedure Training for Personnel in Low to Medium-Threat Environments
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Effective personnel searching in high threat environments is crucial for maintaining security and ensuring safety for individuals and assets. When operating in high-threat environments, receiving the highest level and quality of training is of paramount importance to the outcome of any scenario that may play out for an operator, or security specialist. SPG cover several levels of search on suspect actors varying from ‘pat down’ to restraint-controlled ‘ground searches’ for high-threat scenarios.
  • About Advanced Search Procedures (ASP) Training

    When conducting environment / situation-specific searches on ‘suspect personnel’, it is important that searchers receive effective training on suspect control and isolation techniques. This is paramount to maintaining effective control of a suspect, and performing searches in a safe, efficient, and controlled manner. In high-threat environments, the risks of potential threats such as terrorism, smuggling of contraband, or unauthorised access are significantly heightened. Effective personnel searching assists in the mitigation of these threats by identifying and neutralising potential dangers before they can escalate.

    Protecting Lives and Assets

    The primary goal of effective personnel searching is to protect the lives of individuals within the environment and safeguard valuable assets. Whether it’s in airports, government buildings, or other sensitive locations, thorough searches help mitigate risks and minimise potential harm. High-threat environments often involve large numbers of people, making it essential to ensure the safety of everyone present. By implementing rigorous personnel searching procedures, you can actively create a safer environment for both your own personnel and the general public.

    Deterrence and Security Awareness

    Visible security measures, including thorough personnel searching, act as a deterrent to potential threats. When individuals know that security is stringent and comprehensive, they are less likely to attempt illicit activities. Moreover, it raises awareness among the public about the importance of security in high-threat or austere environments.

    SPG Directing Staff

    Personnel tasked with conducting searches must undergo thorough training to recognise potential threats and execute search procedures effectively. Continuous education ensures that personnel remain updated on the latest security threats and techniques, enhancing their ability to detect and respond to emerging risks. Special Projects Group Directing Staff focus on four levels of personnel searches.

    Each has been designed to provide maximum effect at the given level. Each of the following search techniques are instructed using one-man, and two-man search teams.

    ASP Level 1: General Pat Down Search
    ASP Level 2: Stress Position Standing Search
    ASP Level 3: Stress Position Wall Search
    ASP Level 4: Restraint-Control Ground Search

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