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CQC-MUE Training Package

Close Quarter Combat in Modern Urban Environments for Law Enforcement | Military | PSC | PMC
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Our Modern Urban Combat [MUC] Course is part of SPG Tactical, and has been specifically designed for Local Law Enforcement Officers [Firearms Officers], Military Personnel, and Private Security Companies [PSC] to effectively counter against armed and dangerous suspects.
  • SPG Tactical: Close Quarter Combat for Modern Urban Environments

    This course has been designed by former members of the Elite British Royal Marines Commandos and Special Forces Support Group [SFSG] with many years combined tactical training and operational experience. Courses are held at our facilities in South Africa and the SPG Tactical: CQC-MUE course is an intensive five days of lectures, discussions and practical scenarios designed to encourage the development of both teamwork and an increased sense of personal operational skills, tactical capability, and situational awareness.

    SPG Tactical Training Cadre

    Courses are instructed in South Africa by our very own Training Cadre, comprising of former UK Elite Military / SFSG / Law Enforcement possessing years of operational experience in various hostile environments, as well as operational deployment with UK Elite Military Units.

    Tactical Room Clearing Course Subjects

    The following subjects are instructed on the course.

    • Tactical Weapons Training
    • Pre-deployment & Entry Planning
    • Room Entry drills
    • Room Clearing Techniques
    • Team Formations
    • Presentations & Discussion Groups
    • Unarmed Combat Techniques
    • Disarming Techniques
    • Managing Direct Conflict
    • Marksmanship Training
    • Various Searching Techniques

    Booking Your Training

    Please Note: Courses are group bookings only and courses are run for Organisations and Private Clients. We do not offer individual placement on these courses due to the nature of the training. To make any enquiries regarding our CQC in Modern Urban Environments Training, please contact us today, and we will gladly assist you.

Make an Enquiry

Make an Enquiry

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