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Fraud Prevention Advisory Services

Protecting Your Business from Financial Fraud Starts with the Right Strategy
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At Special Projects Group, we understand that fraud risks can be daunting, but we have the solutions to help you minimise this. Our comprehensive fraud prevention strategies can be tailored to meet the unique needs of each business. From helping clients understand gaps, make recommendations to select and design the most appropriate control’s, all the way to specialised prevention and awareness training workshops. We provide clients with the solutions that need to help keep businesses and procedures safe.
  • Risk Management Services

    Unfortunately, there are still many companies and organisations that fail to properly manage risk, leading to financial losses, operational disruptions, reputational damage, and other consequences. Our team at Special Projects Group can help you prevent this kind of disaster with our comprehensive risk management services.  We particularly specialise in understanding risks related to insider threats and fraud and provide clients with guidance and tools to help them manage and mitigate risks.

    Insider threats involve employees, contractors or third-party providers who have access to sensitive data or networks. These individuals can inadvertently introduce a malicious agent into the system or intentionally exploit their access rights for personal gain. Special Projects Group helps you identify potential insider threats and develop effective strategies to limit their effects.

    At Special Projects Group, we also specialise in fraud investigations and risk management. Our experienced investigators have the expertise to uncover financial irregularities, identify fraudulent activities and recover any stolen funds or assets. We use a combination of investigative techniques to analyse data quickly, accurately, and discreetly. Our team of experts will work with you to create a comprehensive risk management plan that addresses your specific needs. We understand the importance of protecting company assets, limiting operational disruptions, and maintaining a positive reputation. Let us help you with all your risk management needs.  With our services, you can rest assured that your business is well-protected.

    Consultancy & Training Service

    Our consultancy and training services provide clients with the expertise they need to lead investigations into criminal-type activity, while equipping them with the knowledge to prevent future unethical behaviour. Our team of experts can help you understand the context of any suspicious activity, gather evidence in support of your investigations, and make well-informed recommendations for corrective action.

    We provide clients with the tools, resources, and guidance they need to navigate complex situations. Our services include investigative interviewing techniques, due diligence investigations, financial analysis, data analytics and more. We can also help you develop a system of internal controls that will prevent future fraud or other unethical behaviour from occurring.

    In addition to offering our own expertise in investigation advisory, we also provide specialised training for clients. Our courses cover topics such as financial fraud prevention, risk assessment and control design, ethical decision making in the workplace, and more. With our knowledge and experience at your disposal, you can ensure your organisation is well-equipped to handle any fraudulent or insider behaviour that may arise. Let us help you and your team get the best results from any investigation.

    Critical Thinking Service

    We provide a range of strategic solutions to help clients identify and mitigate risks, enabling them to confidently tackle complex and sensitive problems. We understand that fraud and related issues can have significant financial, reputational, and legal implications for businesses, which is why we strive to be an invaluable resource in your pursuit of risk management.  Our team of experts have extensive experience in fraud investigation, forensics, data analytics and regulatory compliance. We provide advice on holistic strategies, procedures, and controls to ensure that our clients are well-prepared to handle any situation.

    Our dedicated team of consultants can assist with the development of strategies and tools that will allow you to explore areas perhaps not previously considered to mitigate risks. For example, we offer comprehensive training programmes to equip teams with the skills needed to critically analyse complex situations, detect patterns and trends that could indicate fraud, develop incident response plans, and conduct successful investigations.

    At Special Projects Group, we are committed to providing our clients with cutting-edge consulting solutions in the realm of complex risk management. With our expertise and knowledge, we can help you develop a strong risk management framework that will help protect your business from potential threats. Our team of experts is on hand to assist with any situation – no matter how complex we are willing to listen.

    Incident Response Service

    Our Incident Response Service helps our clients assess the financial and reputational damage of fraud incidents, and provides effective solutions to help them mitigate those damages. Our team members are experienced in providing guidance on managing and communicating with stakeholders following a fraud incident. We’ll provide audit services to ensure your teams understand the principles of investigating and resolving frauds and insider incidents.

    We are here to provide our clients with the necessary support and expertise to restore their reputations and help them get back on track. Our teams have the technical knowledge and experience to ensure that all the right steps are taken to quickly, efficiently, and effectively respond to fraud incidents.

    If you need assistance in assessing or responding to a fraud incident, our team is available to help. Talk to our experts on how we can help you minimise the impact of a fraud incident and restore your reputation.

    Corruption Prevention and Resilience Service

    To help you deter and ultimately prevent unethical behaviour within your workforce. Our team of experts can assist in developing and implementing a comprehensive anti-corruption policy tailored to the level of threat, as well as periodic reviews to ensure that it remains effective.

    At Special Projects Group we understand that no organisation is immune to fraud and corruption, so we also aid in developing strategies to build resilience against these threats. These include risk assessment of processes and procedures, compliance programs, internal audit functions and training of staff on ethical behaviour.

    Our team of advisors, trainers, and operators will give you peace of mind that your organisation is well-protected against these risks. Through our comprehensive approach, you can have confidence that your business is in safe hands. Let us help you build and maintain a culture of integrity and strong accountability.

    Long-Term Business Transformation

    A comprehensive Transformation Planning Service that allows our Clients to confidently tackle complex issues, turning them into long-term opportunities for resilience and success. Our team of dedicated professionals have extensive experience in developing and implementing effective long-term strategies that protect against the risks of financial crime and fraud while taking advantage of potential opportunities to streamline business operations. We provide tailored guidance and advice to ensure that our clients’ strategies remain up-to-date and relevant and can meet changing circumstances.

    We also offer regular reviews and updates of our clients’ strategies (risk dependant) to ensure that they are effective in mitigating risks while allowing our clients to take advantage of changing circumstances. In this way, we help our clients stay ahead of the game by identifying opportunities for long-term success.

    Contact us today to find out how Special Projects Group’s transformation planning service can help you achieve a long-term competitive advantage. We look forward to providing you with the guidance and support you need to effectively mitigate risks while taking advantage of the operational improvement’s opportunities.

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