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Hostile Environment Readiness Training for Team Members

Preparing your Personnel to Effectively Operate within Hostile & Austere Environments
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In an ever-changing world, individuals and groups working or living in hostile environments face unique challenges that require specialised preparation. Hostile Environment Readiness Training (HERT) is a crucial programme designed to equip personnel with the necessary skills and knowledge to navigate challenging and potentially dangerous situations. This type of training falls under the ‘Duty of Care’ of not only companies and organisations in assisting in the prevention of security-related incidents to their staff and personnel.
  • Hostile Environment Readiness Training for Team Members (HERT-TM) Course

    The HERT-TM Course provides the delegate with essential pre-deployment training covering a range of fundamental subjects, as well as a foundational understanding of risk management, personal security, and basic survival skills in hostile environments as well as a range of other relevant subject areas. This level of training also focuses on areas such as adrenal response mechanism, behavioural alarm response, mental conditions of awareness, and much more.

    The HERT-TM Course has been designed for Military Personnel, staff or volunteers from the various ‘Frontline’ International NGOs, Charity Organisations, Media Staff and Professionals, Financial  Institutions, Oil, Gas & Utilities Workers operating within austere, or high-threat environments.

    Course Duration & Important Information

    This is a three day course which includes some physical activities. Delegates will receive a comprehensive Course Joining Instruction Pack prior to attending this course.

    Subjects Covered

    • Pre-Deployment Planning
    • Personal Security Requirements
    • Travelling to Hostile Countries
    • Situational Awareness
    • AR.M – B.A.R
    • P.L.A.N
    • The Threat Pyramid
    • Hard Targeting & Target Recognition
    • Hostile Surveillance & Response to Targeting
    • Hostage Survival Guidelines
    • Kidnapping Survival Guidelines
    • Travel Tips for Females
    • Improvised Explosive Devices
    • Understanding Risk & Threat Assessments
    • Personal Medical Packs
    • Vehicle Trauma Medical Packs
    • The Human Body Requirements
    • Survival Kits
    • The 72-Hour Bag
    • Cultural Awareness

    During this course, delegates will also undertake the following physical activities:

    • Construct an Emergency Shelter
    • Manage a Casualty Event
    • Navigate to an Emergency Rendezvous (ERV)

    Customised Corporate Training

    Special Projects Group also offers HERT Courses tailored to the specific needs of your organisation. Our corporate training programs ensure that your team is well-prepared to operate in any hostile environment they may encounter, and our Course Directing Staff guarantees that their expertise ensures that our training is not just theoretical but grounded in practical knowledge.

    Contact Us

    To make enquiries about this course, please use the ‘Make an Enquiry’ button below or at the top of this page in the banner area, or email us directly at [email protected].

    Please note that we also offer a discount for bulk booking requirements.

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