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Special Projects Group

A veteran-owned specialist security company, Special Projects Group possesses a multi-service capability, designed to provide clients with high-end capabilities, and maximum security impact for their business.

Private Firearms Instructor

Stephen is an incredible instructor, his keen business sense coupled with real world experience and extensive education make to create a top tier asset! An expert in several fields. Stephen is also extremely easy to do business with. He generates professionalism with a leadership quality second to none!

Written by John M

Welcome to Special Projects Group

Special Projects Group is an industry-leading security provider that has taken on the challenge of revolutionizing the security industry. Our team of experienced professionals brings over 200 years of combined experience and knowledge in elite military, law enforcement, private security, and executive protection backgrounds. Our core mission is to be the enabler of change in the industry, by providing tailored and end-to-end solutions that always provide maximum protection and peace of mind in today’s constantly evolving security landscape.

About Special Projects Group

We are passionate about providing tailored and end-to-end security solutions that exceed industry standards, and we believe that security should never be a commodity. Our mission is to be the enabler of change in an industry that has been stagnant for too long. At SPG, we take the time to understand your unique needs and find the best solutions within your budget that deliver maximum protection and peace of mind.