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Anti-Kidnap & Targeting Indication Training

Part of the Hostile Environment Readiness Training (HERT) Package Courses
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Every single year, hundreds of thousands of people go missing all over the world. A large percentage of these are often recovered within the first few days and returned safely to their families. However, every year, thousands of innocent people fall victim to the various types of kidnap. Many of these people are taken whilst working overseas, sometimes in high-threat, or austere environments for International NGOs, Charity & Aid Organisations, Oil & Gas Industries, and many other organisations.
  • About the Anti-Kidnap & Targeting indication Training

    Anti-kidnapping & Targeting Indication (AKTI) Training is designed for personnel who are being deployed into Austere or High-Risk Environments. Personnel working for organisations such as the Military, International Non-Government Organisation (NGO), Private Security Companies, Media Organisations, the Commercial Business Sector, Relief Organisation Staff and Expatriates who are living and working in foreign locations may find themselves targeted for kidnap and ransom activities.

    Types of Kidnap Victim

    Victims of kidnap and ransom across the globe can be profiled and targeted for any varied number of reasons such as their personal wealth/income, nationality, religion, employer or line of work. Kidnap is a tool used frequently to raise funds for illegal activities and to intimidate both foreign and domestic workers in High-Risk Areas (HRA).

    Receive the Appropriate Training

    For those who are currently operating in high-threat or high-risk environments, ensuring that they do receive effective and comprehensive training is critical for their safety and security.

    Mitigation of Kidnapping Incident

    The course seeks to educate those persons in minimising the associated risks and ensuring effective security countermeasures are in place and implemented for employees, contractors and volunteers to reduce/mitigate/deter the serious threat of kidnap and be instructed in kidnap survival training.

    Course Directing Staff

    Our Trainers are selected for their breadth of knowledge and specific areas of expertise and are experienced Hostile Environment Security Personnel, former Royal Marines Commandos / SFSG, HECPO Team Leaders and Project Managers. Our Trainers have in-depth experience of living and working in regions all around the world in various high‐threat‐level environments.

    Available Course Dates for 2024

    The dates below are available for delegates to choose from once they click on the ‘Buy Now’ button located at the top or bottom of this page. You will then be directed to our online Strategic Partner VIRSEC Ltd, where you can select the date (session) and make payment for your course. If you prefer to book via an alternative method, or to make group bookings, please email us at [email protected] and one of our team will contact you.

    • Dates for 2024 Coming Soon

    Training Venue

    The course will be held at the following address:

    Altcar Training Camp
    L38 7JE

    NOTE: A detailed Course Joining Pack will be emailed to you in advance of your course.

    Pre-Requisites of Attendance

    There are no pre-requisites for attending this course.

  • Subjects Covered

    • Types of Kidnappings
    • Understanding Hostage Taking
    • Identifying Surveillance
    • Surveillance Countermeasures
    • General Kidnapping Indicators
    • Kidnap Prevention Methods
    • The Kidnapping Process
    • Survival Options
    • Mental Stressors & Mental Health
    • The Stockholm Syndrome
    • P.L.A.N. / A.L.A.R.M. / D.A.N.G.E.R.
    • Release & Rescue
    • Post-Kidnap Care